Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I went to cash because (please check one):

There have been plenty of good (and not so good) reasons to sell stock and raise cash over the last few months.  Raging bull markets can make us feel stupid sometimes.  But then again, if lowering your equity exposure helps you sleep at night, it’s worth it.  You can always get back in when your view becomes clearer.
Great list by a good guy, Josh Brown:
I went to cash because (please check one):
1. Sequestration
2. The Taper
3. Obamacare
4. Debt Ceiling
5. Egypt Revolution
6. Portuguese Bond Auctions
7. US Elections
8. Syria Threat
9. Sharknado
10. Chinese GDP
11. London Whale
12. High Frequency Trading
13. Nasdaq Freeze
14. Grexit
15. Marc Faber web video appearance on
16. Larry Summers
17. Low Volume
18. CAPE Valuation
19. Hindenburg Omen
20. Death Cross 

21. Other (please explain): _____________

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